E-BOOK: From Here To Recovery - Understanding the Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse
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This book liberally explores the work of Dr. Roland C. Summit in 1983, regarding behaviors that abused children adapt to themselves just to survive the abuse. Dr. Summit published a paper entitled "Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome" describing these behaviors. In 1997, while working for the NJ Court System, I happened to be sitting in on a trial at which a doctor from the NJ College of Medicine and Dentistry was describing the syndrome. As a child victim of sexual assault multiple times, my mouth hung open as I listened to this doctor describe ME. And what I have learned over the ensuing 20 years (I started this book in 1997) is that once I know WHY I do things that were generated by the abuse, I'm able to SEE the behavior, and to work to end it. Children "survive" life's crises much differently than adults. Once I learned about CSAAS, I truly wanted to share the information with every victim out there. It took a long time, it was not an easy book to write, but abuse victims need help -- they are all over the place, sadly -- so giving that help was my goal.
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