E-BOOK: From Here To Recovery - Understanding the Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse
This book liberally explores the work of Dr. Roland C. Summit in 1983, regarding behaviors that abused children adapt to themselves just to survive the abuse. Dr. Summit published a paper entitled "Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome" describing these behaviors. In 1997, while working for the NJ Court System, I happened to be sitting in on a trial at which a doctor from the NJ College of Medicine and Dentistry was describing the syndrome. As a child victim of sexual assault multiple times, my mouth hung open as I listened to this doctor describe ME. And what I have learned over the ensuing 20 years (I started this book in 1997) is that once I know WHY I do things that were generated by the abuse, I'm able to SEE the behavior, and to work to end it. Children "survive" life's crises much differently than adults. Once I learned about CSAAS, I truly wanted to share the information with every victim out there. It took a long time, it was not an easy book to write, but abuse victims need help -- they are all over the place, sadly -- so giving that help was my goal.
ebook See Something Say Nothing, An employees Tales of Government Corruption
A book digging into the depths of Corruption in the Obama Administration and Homeland Security experienced through the eyes of an employee and Area Commander