I produced and directed this independent conservative pro-Vietnam action war drama. I shot is in 1988 and it took two years to finish the post-production. By 1990 I took the film out to all the Studios and major independents, mini-majors and independent distributributors. I have over 250 screenings all over Hollywood and since Hollywood is leftist and hate anything that shows Americans in a heroic film, they blackballed me and my film. They were all impressed with the film, the story but I refuse to show my guys in the film on drugs, raping women, being baby killers and burning villiages. My film is one of those throw back WWII style film set in Vietnam. It stars veteran character actor William Smith who plays a Russian General that wants to defect. This "Kelly Heroes" types go into Cambodia to bring him out. I made a very unique film about the Vietnam War and I focus on the commaradire and not the politics. Hollywood made plenty of those types of films. Years later I got a DVD to President Bush and he wrote me a great letter thanking me for helping our Veterans.
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