The Ultimate Birthday celebrations continue to ramp up, with EA delivering a plethora of content to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their Ultimate Team mode.



  • In the latest wave of Ultimate Team additions, EA has introduced a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC), presenting fans with the opportunity to recruit a top-tier Belgian talent.
  • Sevilla's attacking force, Dodi Lukebakio, has been unveiled as the latest Ultimate Birthday player, and we've got the most cost-effective methods for you to secure him for your lineup.
  • The recent SBC featuring Dodi Lukebakio is a part of the ongoing Ultimate Birthday event, and it's an excellent chance for Ultimate Team enthusiasts to bolster their attacking options with the Sevilla sensation.


Lukebakio's Ultimate Birthday Card Overview

In celebration of the Ultimate Birthday event, several top-tier players have been bestowed with remarkable enhancements. Among them is Lukebakio, who has been honored with a substantial boost, resulting in an impressive Ultimate Birthday player item.


Sporting an 88 overall rating, Lukebakio's Ultimate Birthday card boasts a collection of impressive attributes. His stats feature a lightning-fast 94 pace, a potent 88 shooting, a reliable 81 passing, and a slick 90 dribbling. Enhancing his appeal, the forward comes equipped with Five-Star Skill Moves and benefits from both the Finesse Shot and Technical Dribbler PlayStyles+, making him a formidable addition to any squad.



Cheapest SBC Solutions for Lukebakio


Understanding the player you're about to recruit is crucial, so let's explore the most cost-effective methods to acquire Ultimate Birthday Dodi Lukebakio SBC in FC 24 Ultimate Team.


Necessary Conditions:



  • Inclusion of Team of the Week Players: At least 1 must be in your Starting 11

  • Minimum Team Overall Rating: 82


Team Composition:


SBC Requirements and Rewards


To unlock the Ultimate Birthday Lukebakio SBC, players must meet specific criteria in their squad composition. The requirements and rewards for completing this challenge are as follows:


  • For the first squad, you must include at least one Team of the Week player in your starting lineup. The overall team rating should be a minimum of 82. Successfully assembling this squad will earn you a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second squad demands that you incorporate at least one LALIGA EA SPORTS player in your starting 11. This squad's overall rating must reach a minimum of 85. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with another Mixed Players Pack.


Estimated Cost and Conclusion

Dodi Lukebakio has become the newest addition to the Ultimate Birthday squad, following in the footsteps of players like Reece James and Sakina Karchaoui. By finishing his Squad Building Challenge (SBC), you'll have the opportunity to recruit the Belgian player to your Ultimate Team. The estimated cost to complete this challenge is approximately 64.1K coins.


Are you planning to tackle Lukebakio's SBC? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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