DLF Floors Phase 2: 7 Ways to Adorn Home with Indoor Plants 

Everyone’s busy and hectic life needs relaxation and mental peace and the most important thing people resort to for it is their home. You can transform your home into a paradise by organizing and decorating it in such a way. The significant ingredient in making your home more relaxing and warmer is indoor plants. Apartments in DLF Floors Phase 2 are designed and architecture to provide you the holistic development. They have provided you with a spacious layout and enough ventilation to make the continuous flow of air possible. 

DLF Floors Phase 2 offers you a wide range of provisions to unwind and relax and you can enhance their effect by adorning your apartment with indoor plants. Many studies have also proven that spending time in greener spaces reduces mental and physical exertion. DLF Floors Phase 2 has plenty of verdant greens and you can even bring that greenery to your home in the form of indoor plants.            

  • Adorn The Living Room

You can adorn the living room by placing different kinds of indoor plants. You can use a wide range of indoor plants like spider plants, money plants, lucky bamboo, areca plants, anthurium plants, peace lily, Boston fern, etc. Beautify the room with hanging plants, and tabletop plants according to your choice and the room.  

  • Deck Up the Balcony with Colorful Plants

You can deck up the wide balconies of DLF Floors Phase 2 apartments with colorful flowers. Balconies receive sunlight, so you can plant beautiful flowers there. The exterior of your home looks vibrant with such flowers while uplifting your mood when you spend some time on the balcony.    

  • Tabletop Plants

Some indoor plants are placed on top of the flat surface like Peace Lily, Devil's Ivy, Aglaonema, and Philodendron etc. You can adorn the table tops by placing them on it. You can try placing them in your drawing room in DLF Floors Phase 2.  

  • Air Refining Indoor Plants

Pollution is one of the biggest problems in metro cities and Delhi/NCR is suffering the most. You should include some air-purifying plants to decorate your homes like Areca palm, Dragon tree, Lily, Barberton Snake Plants, and Spider Plants, etc. DLF Floors Phase 2 has plenty of greens to protect you from polluted air as much as possible and air purifying indoor plants can enhance your protective cover.       

  • Hanging Plants

Hanging plants give a stylish and sophisticated look to your home. They make the best use of the vertical space. You can decorate your home with hanging plants like Arrowhead, Spider Plants, Boston Fern, English Ivy, etc. Apartments in DLF Floors Phase 2 complement the aesthetics you create with hanging plants.

  • Decorate An Open Shelf and Cabinets

Indoor plants come in various shapes and sizes. You can even buy bonsai plants, along with succulents to give a vibrant and greener look to your home. The small plants are the best objects to deck up your open shelves and cabinets. Placing plants in such places also adds life to them. The interiors in your apartment in DLF Floors Phase 2 have many open shelves and cabinets that you can decorate with mini plants. 

  • Large Plants

Large plants are also needed to make your home look like a green heaven. You can pick one of the plants like Arica palm plants, Bamboo plants, Rubber plants, Aralia Dinnerplate plants, and fiddle leaf figs. You can place them in large beautiful vases that complement the interiors of your home. You can place them in spacious corners near a window or someplace where they get enough light. The spacious layout of DLF Floors Phase 2 enables you to place a multitude of large indoor plants in your home. 


Indoor plants are the must-add ingredients for the recipe of your home decoration. If you are planning the interiors of your new apartments in DLF Floors Phase 2, including indoor plants is a must. You should include them because they create a relaxing environment while cutting down the pollutants in your home.