Snapchat is popular among the young generation for its unique features that allow them to stay in touch with their friends without monotonous conversations. 

The most striking feature of the Snapchat app is Snap Score, which keeps records of the days you've exchanged streaks with a person on the platform. Several other in-app activities also influence your Snapchat score. 

However, have you ever wondered who holds the highest snap score ever and how much it is? Let's take a deep dive into this question and explore more about Snapchat.

What Is A Snapchat Score? 

Snapchat score depicts the number of days you've exchanged photo or video snaps with a particular friend, along with your other activities on the platform. However, Snapchat’s algorithm is still unclear, which makes it difficult to understand what determines a snap score on the platform. 

What is the Highest Snap Score?

Now, let's explore what is the highest snap score on the platform. 

As of now, the user Mustbecris holds the record for the highest snap score in the world, who has the highest snap score of 320 million. To reach such an apex, users need to send 1,000,000 snaps daily. Also, you must have a huge friends list to send these steps to. 

Where Can You Find the Snap Score on Your Profiles?

The snap score is present on the profile page of your Snapchat. Hence, open the Snapchat app and press the bitmoji at the top left side section. On your profile page, you can easily find the snap score mentioned earlier below your username. 

How Can You Increase Your Snap Score? 

Though it's unclear which factors influence the snap score, you must add as many friends as you can on the app. Also, you must send regular snaps and post stories to increase your snap score. 

This guide discusses the most popular features on Snapchat, Snap Score, in detail.