I spend a lot more time cooking and being indoors more during the chilly winter months. The scent that spices make in my kitchen when I cook is one of my favorite things about cooking in the winter. These are my top 5 picks for the finest spices for winter.

On chilly winter days, the lovely scent of cinnamon makes me feel cozy, secure, and at ease. I adore baking spice cake, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon buns. It's also fantastic in my curry, glazed fish, roasted spicy carrots, and butternut squash soup.

Ground Chili Powder
A delicious crockpot chili is the perfect cure for the wintertime blues. I left it to simmer on low all day, adding the perfect amount of spicy chili powder and other delectable spices. It works well in enchiladas as well. I really like adding a dash of chili powder to my fries to give them an additional spicy, seasoned taste.

Ginger spices up almost everything, whether it's savory or sweet. It may be found in Asian, Indian, and Caribbean cuisines. It is added to salad dressings, breads, tea, and other drinks, as well as baked items like muffins and cookies in Western cuisines. Dinner, beverages, and desserts are all improved by this spice!

Cumin Seeds
For winter cooking, cumin's toasty, earthy taste is great. An antioxidant-rich diet that incorporates cumin is not only tasty but also beneficial to your health. Whole cumin seeds enhances dishes that call for cold weather, including glazed ribs, cauliflower soup, and grilled spaghetti.

Garlic is technically a dried vegetable rather than a spice. Yet without garlic, few warm winter recipes would be complete, which is why it ranks among the top 5 greatest winter spices. Its strong flavor lends almost every dish a certain warmth and character. Some of the finest winter comfort meals include garlic bread, garlic potatoes, and garlic chicken.