The game development industry has always been the talk of the town because of its dynamic and quick transitioning phases. New technologies have their genesis every year; what is cutting-edge today, becomes a part of the relic tomorrow. So, if you want your gaming business to grow, you have to be updated all the time about what is in vogue and what is not. You may choose to delegate the work to a game development service provider as they are always in the swim. Also, they’ll have a dedicated team of developers who’ll cater to all your requirements. Now, let’s look at 4 new trends in game development that has taken the industry by storm -

  • Technologies for Immersive Experience: Immersive technology has advanced dramatically over time. Their applications have been varied from healthcare to gaming, to mention a few. The desire to produce truly engaging and immersive gaming experiences drives the implementation of immersive technology in game development. AR and VR are two such popular immersive technologies.
  • Games Based on Blockchain: Blockchain is well-known for its strong data encryption technology, and it is not only creating waves in the e-commerce business, but it has also emerged as a promising area in gaming, with several potentials. Businesses benefit from blockchain technology by creating a safe environment for their blockchain applications and preventing hackers from accessing or executing undesired transactions. The combination of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has established the groundwork for a new genre of games such as pay-to-win, play-to-win, and NFT-based games.
  • Development of Eco-Friendly Games: The impact of climate change has been the predominant buzz of the town in recent years. Experts from several fields, including game creation, have agreed on the same goal: to reduce their carbon impact. As a consequence, the gaming industry's dedication to environmentally friendly solutions has increased in 2023. Game designers are increasingly becoming more and more anxious and distressed about their environmental impact. As a consequence, sustainable procedures have been implemented across the game design and distribution processes.
  • Hyper-casual Gaming: Hardcore gamers frequently favour time-consuming and labor-intensive games that are sophisticated and detailed. Not everyone, however, is a die-hard player. Hyper-casual games come into play in this cases. These games are easy to learn and play. They may also be played in quick bursts, making them perfect for casual gamers. With more players playing games during their regular activities, such as commuting and even during the loo, the demand for hyper-casual games is expected to rise dramatically in 2023. As a result, more hyper-casual games have been released. Because they need fewer resources, these games are more accessible to a larger number of players.

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