The latest FC 24 Evolution has landed, offering a fresh way to bolster your team with specific club icons. This evolution, TOTS Attacker Plus, is designed to complement your existing squad by providing an opportunity to retain certain players and optimize the overall balance and performance of your team. It's an ideal strategy for integrating your top picks from the last weekend's roster and getting the most out of the Bundesliga TOTS and the recently introduced Beste Objective.

Evolution Overview

Discover the Steps to Upgrade Your TOTS Attacker Plus Evolution

Unlock the potential of your top scorers with the Evolution feature in FC 24. This innovative system allows you to boost your player cards at no extra expense, a feature that has been met with enthusiasm from the gaming community. It gives a personal flair to your Ultimate Team by showcasing the growth of your players.

We will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the prerequisites for the Evolution process, suggest a trio of top-tier players ideal for evolution, and elucidate the hurdles you must clear to reap the rewards of this game-changing feature.

To successfully evolve a player in FC 24, you must ensure your chosen athlete conforms to the specific criteria set by EA for Evolutions. Keep in mind that not all players will qualify for this upgrade.

Player Requirements

Selecting the right player for your team, whether it's a favorite from your beloved club or transforming a player into a powerhouse, is a decision of great importance. Once you've made your choice, there's no going back, so choose with care.

Here are the essential criteria you must meet for the TOTS Attacker Plus Evolution:

  • Maximum Overall Rating: 85
  • Pace cannot exceed: 94
  • Minimum Shooting Ability: 74
  • Shooting cannot exceed: 90
  • Dribbling cannot exceed: 90
  • Limit of Playstyles: Up to 7

Recommended Players for Evolution

  • Our selection process has yielded three exceptional players to boost your TOTS Attacker Plus lineup, chosen for their remarkable abilities and potential impact on your squad.

  • Phil Foden of Manchester City stands out with an 85 OVR that can escalate to a 93-rated powerhouse. His evolution in the game provides him with a balanced combination of five-star skills and a five-star weak foot, setting him apart as a formidable midfielder. Notably, his dribbling stats are nearly at their peak, making him a masterful player on the virtual pitch.

  • Ciro Immobile from Lazio, also with an 85 OVR, undergoes a transformation that arguably crowns him the premier striker in the Serie A. His evolution enhances his already potent scoring prowess, preparing him to rival even the anticipated TOTS contenders with his lethal finishing.

  • Diogo Jota of Liverpool, matching the 85 OVR of his peers, receives an upgrade that propels him into the ranks of elite forwards. While his pace may not see a significant increase, his overall capabilities are refined to near perfection, making him a significant threat in the attacking third.

Evolution Challenges and Rewards

To elevate your chosen player's performance, tackle a series of tasks designed to incrementally improve their capabilities on the field.

Initial Tier Objectives:

  • Participate in a pair of matches across any game mode with your designated EVO player in action.
  • Secure victories in three Squad Battles or competitive matches (Rivals/Champions) at a minimum Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player involved.

Initial Tier Benefits:

  • An immediate boost of +4 to the player's overall rating.
  • Enhanced shooting ability with a +3 increase.
  • A more robust physical presence, gaining +3.
  • A swifter pace on the pitch, improving by +2.
  • Improved dribbling skills, up by +3.
  • A significant leap in heading accuracy with a +8 enhancement.

Secondary Tier Challenges:

  • Net a total of three goals in Squad Battles or competitive matches (Rivals/Champions) on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher with your EVO player.
  • Compete in three matches under the same conditions with your EVO player.
  • Emerge victorious in two matches at the same level of difficulty using your EVO player.

Secondary Tier Rewards:

  • A further overall rating increase of +4.
  • A substantial boost to passing skills, improving by +6.
  • Shooting prowess increases by +6.
  • Dribbling skills become even more refined, with a +5 enhancement.
  • The player adopts the Rapid and Shot PlayStyles.

Final Tier Hurdles:

  • Score three goals in Squad Battles or competitive matches (Rivals/Champions) at Semi-Pro or above with your EVO player.
  • Win two matches with a margin of at least two goals under the same conditions with your EVO player.
  • Engage in four Squad Battles or competitive matches at Semi-Pro or higher with your EVO player.

Final Tier Advantages:

  • Pace gets a boost of +3.
  • Skills are fine-tuned with an additional +1.
  • Physical attributes increase by +3.
  • Player gains the Trickster PlayStyle.
  • Additional PlayStyles include Power Header and Trivela.

Upon successful completion of all the designated challenges, your player will revel in an overall enhancement of +8 to their rating.


We're eager to know if you're considering tackling this Evolution. Share your insights and opinions with us in the comments below!

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