EA Sports has recently updated FC 24 Ultimate Team with the latest Team of the Season (TOTS) squads, this time focusing on the talents from the Bundesliga and Frauen-Bundesliga, rather than the typical Premier League and WSL stars.

In celebration of the Bundesliga's finest, EA has introduced a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) that gives players the opportunity to add the Bundesliga TOTS version of Exequiel Palacios to their roster by completing challenges for two different squads.

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As the Bundesliga TOTS festivities kick off, FC 24 Ultimate Team players are treated to a new SBC, featuring the chance to snag an impressive new card from EA, adding depth and skill to their midfield lineup.

Exequiel Palacios TOTS Card Overview

Exequiel Palacios, the Bayer Leverkusen sensation, has been introduced to Ultimate Team via a set of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Players can acquire his impressive TOTS card by completing a trio of challenges.

Palacios's TOTS iteration boasts a stellar 92 overall rating. His attributes are equally impressive, featuring 88 pace, 88 shooting, 89 passing, 90 dribbling, 92 defending, and 88 physical. The Argentinean central midfielder also comes with three enhanced PlayStyles+: Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, and Slide Tackle, making him a formidable addition to any midfield line-up.

SBC Completion Process

Understanding the value Exequiel Palacios brings to your squad, let's delve into the method for unlocking this Bundesliga TOTS standout through the Squad Building Challenge (SBC)!

Argentina Player SBC Requirements and Reward

Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS Exequiel Palacios Squad Building Challenge (SBC) involves crafting a team that meets specific criteria. Here's what you need to assemble:

  • Ensure the inclusion of at least one Argentinian player to pay homage to Palacios's roots.
  • The overall team rating must be a minimum of 86, indicating a squad composed of high-caliber players.

To complete the SBC, you'll need to gather and organize a squad that adheres to these requirements, allowing you to earn the Exequiel Palacios TOTS card as a reward.

Prize Details:

  • You will receive a Premium Electrum Players Pack as a reward.

Bundesliga Player SBC Requirements and Reward

Unlocking the Team of the Season (TOTS) Exequiel Palacios Squad Building Challenge (SBC) requires a strategic approach. Here are the prerequisites and a potential squad setup:

  • Ensure that at least one player from the Bundesliga is included in your squad.
  • The overall team rating must be a minimum of 88.

When assembling your squad, consider the following structure:

  • Position your Bundesliga player strategically to meet the league requirement.
  • Select high-rated players to boost the overall team rating to 88 or above.
  • Balance the squad to maintain strong chemistry while fulfilling the SBC criteria.

The prize for completing this challenge is a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

TOTS or TOTW Player SBC Requirements and Reward

Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS version of Exequiel Palacios through the SBC involves the following criteria:

  • The inclusion of at least one player from any Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW).
  • The overall team rating must be at least 89.

For assembling the squad:

Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS Exequiel Palacios SBC will grant you a Rare Electrum Players Pack as a reward.

Total Cost and Final Thoughts

Successfully completing the necessary squad submissions for the Squad Building Challenge will enable you to incorporate Exequiel Palacios from the Bundesliga Team of the Season into your Ultimate Team roster. The estimated cost for this acquisition is approximately 270,000 coins.

Are you considering tackling this Squad Building Challenge? We'd love to hear your opinions and plans, so please share them in the comments below!

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